Happy Birthday. Happy Valentine's Day

Happy belated Birthday to Eileen Thomas, Loraine John, Ruth Sam for Feb. 7.  From Corby George.

Happy belated Birthday to Bill George Sr for Feb. 13.  From Corby George.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Lisa, Nessy and Conner.  From Corby George.

Happy 19thBirthday to our grand-nephew Vincent Livingstone on Feb. 14; Happy Birthday to our little brother Darrell Ross Sr on Feb. 15th; and happy birthday to our niece Sherry Livingstone on Feb. 23rd.  Wishing you all health, peace and happiness.  From Annie and Dave.

Happy birthday to Patrick Jules on Feb. 14 love you nephew

Happy Valentines to you all. Have a happy day Kathy Jules and family.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my husband Charles Allan Ross Jr a.k.a. Kaanowish. Love your wife Joanne Ross… xoxo

Happy Birthday to Julian Gomez for February 25th, love from your family, mom, dad, brother and grandma liz

Phyllis Gus-Baker, happy birthday mom, love from family. March 2nd

Deborah Gus, happy birthday sis, love from family. March 31st

Denny Watts, happy birthday nephew, love from family, March 7th

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