In Loving memory of my Mother

The late Veronica Dick

In Loving Memory of my Mother

Veronica Dick

April 15, 1922 - April 22, 1997


On this day Mom you were called away, taken to the Heavens above.

Your way up there, where there is no pain or sorrow, just lots and lots of Love.

I miss your smiles and laughter to; I wish today I could still visit you.

I have my children with me, my grandchildren to; I wish they could also see you.

The Sun is shining, clouds a few, someday I will be right beside you.

I miss you mom with all my heart, I wish still to this day we didn’t have to part.

I cry for you in silence, I often speak your name; all I have is your picture in a frame.


Until we meet again

Love from Catherine T. Watts

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