Assistant Negotiator

Ahousaht has entered into reconciliation discussions with both Canada and BC. These discussions are intended to make significant socio-economic investments in Ahousaht priority areas while advancing Ahousaht self-determination through the implementation of Ahousaht title, rights, and governance. To support the discussions, Ahousaht is seeking applications for an
Assistant Negotiator position. The Assistant Negotiator reports directly to the Co-Lead Negotiators.

The Assistant Negotiator is responsible for:

• Supporting negotiation meetings by developing agenda, maintaining the record of decisions and tracking progress on follow-up items.
• Completing policy analysis or research as directed by the Co-Lead Negotiators.
• Assisting in the drafting of negotiation proposals as directed by the Co-Lead Negotiators.
• Representing and communicating Ahousaht negotiation positions and strategies to negotiators for Canada and BC as directed by the Co-Lead Negotiators.
• Supervising and directing the day-to-day work of the coordinators assigned to them by the Co-Lead Negotiators.
• Facilitate weekly team meetings with coordinators to allocate tasks and track progress on work assignments.
• Supporting any Ahousaht team discussions, negotiations, or working groups as directed by the Co-Lead Negotiators.

Qualifications required for the position include:

• Knowledge of Ahousaht community, culture, and processes.
• Knowledge of Indigenous rights and reconciliation in Canada.
• Completion of a post-secondary diploma or degree.
• Excellent organizational skills.
• Superb tact and diplomacy.
• Experience with research and analysis related to land use, resource management, social or economic development issues.
• Familiar with multi-party processes.
• Excellent writing skills.
• Willingness to travel to Ahousaht and elsewhere.


Ahousaht First Nation

Contact Info

Deadline for Submission: September 10, 2021
Term: 2 years

Please submit your cover letter and resume to:

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