The GUARDIAN is responsible for the day-to-day brushing and maintenance of trail, as well as cultural interpretation, hiker interaction and campsite maintenance.

General Responsibilities (but not limited to):
• Hiker Interaction
• Brushing Trail
• Maintaining campsites
• Maintaining Pit toilets

Specific Responsibilities (but not limited to):
The following outlines specific responsibilities related to this position.
• Hiker Interaction
- Update hikers on trail conditions
- Update hikers on wildlife sightings
- Update hikers on weather conditions and forecast
- Cultural Interpretation (share Ditidaht History)
- Assist Parks Canada staff when needed
• Pit toilet building maintenance.
- Ensure pit toilet building is in a safe and fully functional condition, free of dust, dirt, stains, mold, graffiti, garbage, cobwebs, excess water and all foreign material.
- Provide as required toilet sawdust to all outhouses
- Ensure roof is kept clean and clear of branches, leaves, moss, litter, dirt and debris. Perform any minor repairs as required (door handles, hinges, locks, coat hooks, etc.) or notify the Park Canada if unable to do so.
- Maintain area surrounding the facility free from all litter, debris, garbage, weeds, encroaching vegetation and overhanging limbs.
• Camp Site Maintenance.
- Ensure campsite facilities are in a safe and fully operational condition.
- Maintain campsites and surrounding area free from all litter, broken glass, garbage and foreign material.
- Retain campsite shape by removal of weeds, vegetation and overhanging limbs a minimum of 0.5 meters to present an overall clean and neat appearance.
- Ensure all fire pits have been properly extinguished
• Brushing Trail
- Remove all brush that impedes access to trail
- Remove all windfall and storm flood wood from trail
- Ensure that bridges and ladders are safe for hikers, report any damage to Parks Canada


Ditidaht First Nation


West Coast Trail

Contact Info: 

Please apply to either or fax 1-250-745-3332 in resume c/o Ditidaht Administration attn. Jack K Thompson. Resumes will be accepted until December 17, 2019