Hupacasath First Nation screens youth vision videos

Port Alberni

Hupacasath young people who were taking part in a video-making workshop celebrated the completion of their projects at a community barbeque and film screening on Oct. 23.

According to Gillian Nicol, Comprehensive Community Planner for Hupacasath First Nation, the group of 17 young people spent six days working on the project.

The workshop was free to the participants on the condition that they committed to attend both weekends.

The youth, ages 10 to 25, spent two full weekends in late September and October learning about storytelling and film-making. They learned how to use a camera, including proper lighting and sound.

Carolina Tatoosh, Hupacasath Elder and Youth Coordinator, said the kids were divided into groups and assigned a topic. They were taken on field trips to places like Stamp Falls and a salmon hatchery where they worked on developing their stories. With shared equipment they managed to capture some scenic shots which they loaded onto computers in order to learn about film editing.

The end product was to be a video that shows some of the youth’s visions and dreams for the future, according to Nicol.

The purpose of the workshop, she said, is to provide a visual outlet for Hupacasath First Nation youth to express their thoughts and ideas about what they would like to see in their community and how their community can support them to reach their dreams.

The workshop would also serve to provide the youth with film-making skills and it would get them involved in the Comprehensive Community Planning process.
The Planning Committee was coordinated by Carolina Tatoosh; Hannah Clifford, Youth Vision Video Teacher, and Gillian Nicol.
The youth participating in the workshop were Jorja Labossier, Saphiah Lauder, Tyson Porter, Alexis Hiebert, Jordan Hamilton, Emma Hamilton, Miriah Mottishaw, Cheyanne Felsman, Miranda Lauder, Autumn Tatoosh, Eivind Lauder, Ava Lauder, Mia Foster, Jayden Lauder, Athena Lauder, and Taneill Tatoosh.
The community barbecue and screening provided an opportunity for the youth not only to show their work but also tell the larger community about something that is important to them.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time and equipment to finish the video by Oct. 23 so excited parents instead viewed a draft version of their children’s work.

Tatoosh says she is assisting in editing a final draft of the video which she hopes it will be screened at an upcoming community event.

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