Tlu-piich wraps up with thanks to supporters

Port Alberni

The annual Tlu-piich Games wrapped up Sunday evening with an awards ceremony and words of gratitude for those people that made the games possible.

The final events of Tlu-piich Games were fast pitch and slo-pitch, held at Recreation Park in Port Alberni. Following the awards ceremony, Les Sam, Tseshaht, mentioned that he heard that fast pitch may be dropped from the 2018 Tlu-piich roster of events. “Let’s keep it alive,” he suggested before asking people to show their support for keeping fast pitch. He told people to write to their political leaders to let them know that there are people wishing to keep fast pitch in the Tlu-piich Games.

In closing comments, both NTC President Debra Foxcroft and Tlu-piich Games Coordinator Richard Samuel thanked the athletes for coming out as well as the families and the volunteers.

“Tlu-piich Games is a volunteer-driven event and I thank all the volunteers who helped out,” said Samuel.

“We thank you all for coming out and we hope to see you next year,” said Foxcroft.

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