How should Canada better manage the climate crisis? Election candidates state their position

This summer British Columbia residents experienced the direct effects of global warming, with record breaking temperatures and nearly 1 million hectares of forest burned from wildfires. Why have past efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions failed, and what does Canada need to do to better mitigate the factors that contribute to our warming planet?

Jessica Wegg, Green, North Island – Powell River

They have failed because they haven’t been brave enough – they haven’t been bold enough. We cannot pander to Alberta’s oil and gas corporations, whose sole concern is maximum profit, and expect to have any real results on tackling climate change. We have to leave it in the ground, move on, move forward – and we need to do this together. Cancel TMX. Ban fracking. Harness the power of the wind, the sun, our tides – all of the answers are already here. We just need to be brave enough to step out of the past, and we can save our future.

Rachel Blaney, NDP, North Island – Powell River

We have yet to have a federal government who takes climate change seriously. An NDP government would do that. We would commit to science-based emissions targets that will limit temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and create a Climate Accountability Office for independent oversight on our progress. We would end fossil fuel subsidies and invest instead in building the infrastructure we need to meet those targets, creating good jobs in the process. And we would make access to clean water, land and air a guaranteed right for all Canadians.

Conservative combined answer:
Mary Lee, Courtney - Alberni
Shelley Downey, North Island - Powell River
Alana Delonge, Cowichan - Malahat

Rebuilding Canada’s economic and environmental health is the cornerstone of the Conservatives approach to combat climate change addressed in Canada’s Recovery Plan. The most efficient way is by reducing emissions and through carbon sequestration. Canadians play a role in the solution and will be supported in making greener lifestyle choices through a low carbon savings account. Conservatives also recognize the natural landscape is effective in removing carbon emissions. Working with the province and the agriculture and forestry sectors, we will identify science-based strategies and support these industries to enhance carbon sequestration while remaining viable to our economy.

Gord Johns, NDP, Courtenay – Alberni

Past efforts have failed because successive Conservative and Liberal governments have subsidized the oil and gas industry instead of creating sustainable jobs through renewable energy. The 17 billion dollars expended on a pipeline would have been better spent on green infrastructure and putting the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples—which is now law because of the work of New Democrats in Parliament--into real action in our fight against the climate crisis. Indigenous people must be full partners in addressing the disproportionate impacts of pollution and loss of biodiversity in their communities.

Susanne Lawson, Green, Courtenay – Alberni

Government must do everything possible to reduce oil and gas emissions and to ensure CO2 absorbtion.  This can be accomplished through..
.1....ending logging of old growth forests, these are our blueprint for the future and buffer against drought, etc.
2.  End thinning of forested areas and clear cutting which creates dry, fire prone areas..
3. Adapt and encourage alternative energy sources such as solar, etc in homes, business, transit and transportation
4. End oil, gas and coal subsidies and promote local off grid energy supply
5. Protect forests, oceans and wetlands to ensure greenhouse gas absorbtion and for oxygen production

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