Ahousaht celebrates Grade 7 class

Ahousaht, BC

It’s a short walk from Ahousaht’s Maaqtusiis Elementary to the high school a little way down a hill, but it’s a giant leap for 21 Grade 7 students finishing up the year and looking forward to secondary studies.

The school gym was packed on Monday June 19 with proud family members cheering on the class as they made their way into the gym on the arms of their escorts. They entered one-by-one in procession as their names were announced to the cheering crowd.

After the final graduate was seated, the school’s students recited a prayer in the Ahousaht language, led by the seventh-grade class.

Several students were given awards for things like citizenship, most improved and best attendance. Award winners were Louie Frank, Louie Thomas, Rajon Sam, Lyle Clarke, Darryl Campbell, Chael John, and Devonne John.

Awards for arts went to Joy Hwang and Delilah Titian. Culture and language awards went to Gerard John and Chael John. Joy Hwang and Chael John also won awards for their achievements in the foods class.

For outstanding achievement and academic excellence awards, Joy Hwang proudly accepted.

Sheldon Mack won the award for perfect attendance.

“I would like to wish them all the best in their next steps in their educational journey. I want them to remember to be kind, respectful and work hard in everything they do,” said Principal Andrea Frank.

Principal Frank went on to say that this graduating class is about as big as last year’s bunch of Grade 7 graduates. In the 2022/23 school year, there are 140 children attending Ahousaht’s elementary schools and 100 registered at the high school.

The Maaqtusiis Elementary School graduating class are: Blake Campbell, Darryl Campbell, Lyle Clarke, Eve Frank, Jacob Frank, Kaidence Frank, Louie Frank, Joy Hwang, Chael John, Devonne John, Gerard John, Alexa-Jade Lucas, Sheldon Mack-Sutherland, Rajon Sam, Cheveyo Seitcham, Kassi Swan, Andrew Thomas, Louie Thomas, Delilah Titian, Walter Titian, Adrianna Zelada-Campbell.

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