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Pro wrestlers bring steel cage match to Tseshaht’s Maht Mahs gym

Port Alberni, BC

Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling is bringing a steel cage match to Maht Mahs Gym in Port Alberni on Feb. 16.

A steel cage match takes place in a caged enclosure that surrounds the ring. Competitors can win by pinfall, submission or escaping the cage. Competing at the Port Alberni match will be pro wrestlers The Architects of Anarchy and the Legendary Moondog Manson vs. wrestlers from The Moment of Truth.

“All six men are in the ring and you have three guys on each team,” said the Legendary Moondog Manson. “You’re trying to get out of the cage to win. So when you see your opponents trying to get out of the cage, you try to stop them from getting out.”

 “We’d have to see what the specific rules of this match are but traditionally that’s what it is,” added Manson.

Competing for the last 27 years, Manson is one of the longest running professional wrestlers in B.C.

He said Port Alberni fans can expect a high-energy show with a lot of hard hits.

“You might see a high flying move here and there but it would typically be more of people battling it out trying to get out of the cage,” he said. “Fans should make sure they come down and check out the show because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s not often steel cage matches roll through town.”

Manson said since Covid restrictions have eased in the last year or so, he’s seen great turnouts at professional wrestling shows on the Island.

“People are really hungry for live entertainment again,” he said

Gail Gus, crisis and wellness coordinator with the Tseshaht First Nation, purchased 150 tickets to the show from funding she had available to her for Tseshaht members.

“I noticed a lot of people are enjoying [the wrestling events] so instead of just kids going I wanted people to do it as a family,” Gus said. “I opened up [the tickets] to Tseshaht First Nations and people that foster to Tseshaht children or their extended families.”

Gus said there’s been a lot of hype already and about 120 of the 150 tickets have already been spoken for.

“People are really excited,” she said. “I’m even going to go.”

Visit for more information or tickets.

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