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Quick acting residents save Anacla home from suspected arson fire

Anacla, BC

Elected Huu-ay-aht Chief John Jack is praising two citizens for keeping a fast-moving trailer fire from spreading to a neighboring residential home.

On the weekend of April 19 to 22nd, Jack said several fires were set in areas around lower Anacla village by someone believed to have been suffering from mental health distress.

“There was a total of six fires but there was one big one in an RV (recreational vehicle) in the lower village,” Jack told Ha-Shilth-Sa.

“Two citizens spotted the fire and used garden hoses to soak a nearby tree, keeping the fire from spreading,” said Jack.

He thanked George Nookemus Jr. and Bobby Nookemus for acting quickly to save the residential home next to the RV.

“Their quick response to contain the fire saved the house on the same property,” he said.

The Bamfield Volunteer Fire Department arrived on scene to put the fire out. Nobody was injured in the incident.

“We are thankful for those two citizens who acted so quickly,” said Jack.

He said the incident is under investigation by the RCMP and he urged citizens that may have witnessed anything to contact the RCMP.

“It’s really important that citizens alert authorities when they see something. We need to work together to prevent harm and keep the community safe,” Jack added.

And when someone is in distress, it is important to say something.

“This is not about punishment, it’s about getting help,” he said.

Those with any information about these incidents can contact the Port Alberni RCMP at 250-723-2424.

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