ʔahʔiiḥč̓ap ʔukʷił ʔiqḥmuut (Honouring our Ancient Ones) | Ha-Shilth-Sa Newspaper

ʔahʔiiḥč̓ap ʔukʷił ʔiqḥmuut (Honouring our Ancient Ones)

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With humble hearts and respect, Ahousaht invites you to be with us as we share information about our search for children who attended the Ahousaht Residential School and children who attended the Christie Residential School. Our children are sacred beings, and many came to these two schools; we acknowledge and honour our children and their resilience and strength that they passed on to us.

We will share results of Phase I of Ground surveys conducted at both school sites, a summary about the archival research as well as share an update about the interview process.

If you attended either Ahousaht Residential School or Christie Residential School and would like to come to this event we can assist with travel expenses. Please contact us at 250 670 9563 ext. 503 by March 29th, 2024.

*Cultural and Mental Wellness/Emotional support teams will be present throughout the event.
Check our page on Facebook for additional information https://www.facebook.com/groups/272961375163910/?mibextid=uJjRxr

Contact: Anne Atleo, RSRP Manager

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