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FNHA provides office for feedback on public health services

British Columbia

The First Nations Health Authority is informing front-line workers about its Quality Care and Safety Office, offering support to Indigenous people as they navigate through the health care system in the province.

“The goal of the First Nations Health Authority’s Quality Care and Safety Office is to improve health and wellness programs and services for First Nations people across B.C.,” wrote the FNHA in an email to Ha-Shilth-Sa.

Through the Quality Care and Safety Office, clients of the various health services in British Columbia provide feedback, either positive or negative, about their quality of care.

“FNHA’s quality care staff provide channels for easy access to those wishing to provide feedback regarding the care that they, their family members and/or loved ones have received,” wrote the FNHA.

At a recent meeting of the NTC nursing department, guests Desiree Holmes and Krista Joseph from FNHA spoke about the Quality Care and Safety Office. After hearing complaints that could be from clients who have used services in the health care system, like the hospital, ambulance, doctor, pharmacy, or dentist, QCSO staff will act on the issue, seeking resolution. One example that the FNHA staff spoke about was a client with a complaint about a pharmacy. Advocacy from QCSO reportedly resulted in changes at the BC College of Pharmacists.

The FNHA says that when the QCSO receives a complaint about the health care system, the quality care team assists by providing support with a transparent process for accountability. A person’s unique care concerns are considered, and the complaint office helps people navigate through the system.

The QCSO also receives complements and feedback about positive experiences in the health care system.

“(The QCSO) also shares positive experiences with the appropriate program, service and/or provider,” said the FNHA. “B.C. First Nations people have rights when sharing feedback regarding their care.”

FNHA’s quality care staff uphold and provide education regarding those rights, he added.

You can provide feedback on your experience with any B.C. public health care service, including:

  • those delivered directly by FNHA (such as nursing stations, Virtual Doctor of the Day and some health benefits)
  • those delivered by external health-care providers (such as hospitals)
  • those funded by FNHA (such as care provided in First Nations community health centres, Pacific Blue Cross and PharmaCare Plan W)

Once a complaint has been filed the FNHA Quality Care and Safety Office will respond to you within two business days. They say they will listen and respond to the complaint with privacy and respect. After gathering information, they will outline the options available to you, including restorative approaches to healing in a cultural way.

The QCSO will work with the client according to their wishes and will provide a written summary.

If you have feedback about your experience in the B.C. health care system that you would like to share, you can email, phone, or text FNHA Quality Care and Safety Office.

Phone: 1-844-935-1044 (toll free),  email:  quality@fnha.ca 


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