Updated:Homiss wins Junior All Native Tourney

By Debora Steel, March 25, 2011

Photo by Rebecca V.R. Atleo

Caption: Wayne S. Jules of the Homiss Wolves

Updated at 9:19 March 25

Bruce Lucas, coach of this year’s Under 17 Junior All Native champions, the Homiss Wolves, was bursting with pride at his team’s accomplishment. Homiss downed Sylix, of the Okanagan Nation, 66-55 in an exciting final in Penticton today.

“The boys played the whole tournament with a lot of heart and pride,” said Lucas in a message on Hahsilthsa Ntc, Ha-Shilth-Sa’s facebook page.

“Homiss wolves are the champions,” he said.

Homiss held the lead the entire game, but there were a few worrying moments when the score inched too close for comfort.

And, even the coach had to admit that there were more than a few penalty issues in the game.

“A few of the boys had four fouls. One fouled out, but other boys stepped up and finished strong.”

When asked if the enthusiastic and noisy home town crowd had any effect on the Homiss play, Lucas said ’Not one bit. I taught boys to focus on the game. They don’t even hear anything.”

Wolves Captain Jalen Charleson was named MVP, and best defensive player. Sheldon Scow and Darian Vandermerwe were named to the boys all star team. Cecil Sabbas and Sylvia Scow won ‘outstanding fan’ awards.

Updated at 5:10 March 25

Homiss are Jr All Native Basketball Champions 2011 with a final score of 66 to 55.

Updated 4:43:

38-36 Homiss end of third.

Updated at 4:14: 

22-17 at the end of the half Homiss.

The Homiss Wolves are headed into the final game of the Junior All Native Basketball Championship in just under half an hour. They will play Penticton for bragging rights.

Homiss has been a dominant force in the tourney, which began March 20.They took on Hazelton, Skidegate, Prince Rupert, Bella Bella and Hazelton again to advance.

The semi-final game was against the Lax'walams of Port Simpson, and it was one of the closest match-ups for them of the tournament with a final score of 68-56.

Said coach Bruce Lucas of his team “So proud of my boys, the Homiss Wolves.

He also said the Homiss fans “are rocking Penticton.”

Ha-Shilth-Sa has been keeping the folks at home on the West Coast updated on the score of the game. And the Homiss fans are also rocking the island with wolf howls, and cheers of encouragement for the under 17 boys.

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