Tseshaht members head out to Tseshaht Runners Trail

By Lorraine Forster, July 20, 2011

A 30 m bridge that spans Parsons Creek is just part of the 17 km Tseshaht Runners Trail that begins at Headquarters Bay. 

Dust off your hiking boots Tseshaht community members. You’re invited to join in on a field trip organized to the Tseshaht Runners Trail .

The 17 km trail begins at Headquarters Bay and winds its way to a campsite at Darling Lake. The trail crosses Parsons Creek and is spanned by a 30 m bridge engineered by Coastal Bridges and built by the Tseshaht Runners Trail crew in 2010.

"There are a lot of smaller bridges too," said Tseshaht sports and recreation co-ordinator Tyrone Marshall. "The journey is fun to do."

Marshall said the trail has some difficult parts and is considered an advanced hike by outdoor enthusiasts.

"You would have to be super ambitious to do a return trip in one day."

Though the trail has some strenuous sections, the first six kilometres, starting at Headquarters Bay, are still very doable by families with kids.

"There are no cliffs on this section so it's safe," Marshall said.

The end point of this shorter hike would be Parsons Bridge.

Marshall, who was a member of the trail construction crew, said there are many natural resting spots along the trail that create perfect tranquil places for photos, lunch, and water breaks.

He said the organized hike is a perfect opportunity for newcomers to give the trail a try.

The bus will not be used on this trip as the trailhead is off a logging road. Hike participants will be responsible for their own transportation. If people wish to join in on the hike, but do not have a vehicle, carpooling might be possible.

The Tseshaht Runners Trail pamphlet recommends rain gear, compass, GPS, hiking boots, flashlight, knife, water bottle, sun hat, sunscreen, bear bells, air horn, bandana, camera, fleece sweater, wool socks, and an emergency lighter for anyone who is thinking of taking on the challenging hike.

The hiking field trip starts July 26 at 9:45 a.m. Participants can be expected back to the trailhead by 1 p.m.

At present there is no map available for the trail, so here are Marshall's directions for those who will be making their own way to the trailhead.

Directions :

Travel down the main road to Bamfield. Upon reaching Parsons Creek, turn right towards Headquarters Bay. The trail begins at the end of the road leading to Headquarters Bay.

To arrange carpooling call 250 724-1225.