Zeballos bridge nearly completed

Denise Titian, September 21, 2017

The Sugarloaf Bridge, which connects Ehattesaht to the main Village of Zeballos, has been shut down since June for construction. A replacement bridge is expected to open by the end of this week. Pictured is the old Sugarloaf Bridge before renovations. (Victor Mironenko photo)

Zeballos, BC — 

The Sugarloaf Bridge in Zeballos is nearing completion and residents are excited to have their village connector back.

Meredith Starkey of the Village of Zeballos says that the finishing touches are being put on the bridge and they hope to have it open to locals by Saturday this week. The bridge replacement is budgeted at nearly $3 million.

The old Sugarloaf Bridge was closed for demolition on June 5. The narrow wooden structure connected Ehattesaht to the main village of Zeballos. The distance could be covered in a short five-minute walk.

Over the summer residents were forced to take an eight kilometre detour to the next nearest bridge to get to the other side.

There will be an official opening ceremony in October.