Ahousaht celebrates 13 Maaqtusiis High School graduates

Ahousaht, BC

Parents and school staff have been working diligently, finding a safe way to celebrate their graduating class in the midst of social isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The community remains under strict protective protocols given by their Emergency Operations Centre and elected leadership. These stringent protocols have worked to keep the virus out of Ahousaht.

Details of how the grad ceremony will unfold have not been released to Ha-Shilth-Sa. However, non-resident guests to the ceremony have been asked to call or email Ahousaht’s EOC to be screened for health concerns before being granted permission to board a boat to the village.

Members of the community held a grad parade on June 20, which included graduates from Kindergarten and Grade 7 along with the high school graduates.

The Maaqtusiis High School Class of 2020 are: Christian Charlie, Mark Frank-Perry, Matthew Frank, Sierra Frank, West Frank, Hannah George, Juniper John, Kobe Sam, Thomas Sam jr., Shania Thomas, Jazelle Titian and Jonathan Williams.

Urban graduate Jamal Campbell will join his relatives at home in the celebration.

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