Slope stabilization ‘may be necessary’ to prevent more falling boulders at Taylor Flats

Highway 4, BC

A boulder that blocked the westbound lane of Highway 4 on Sunday fell from the surrounding mountainside, according to B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Witnesses from the scene recalled boulders that fell towards the road at the west end of Sproat Lake on Jan. 8.

Two of these large rocks took up part of the highway, just before the Taylor River Rest Area. The ministry stated that the two boulders fell on Highway 4 at approximately 4:30 p.m. Mainroad Mid Island Contracting responded and removed the rocks from the road by 5:20 p.m.

“Ministry geotechnical engineers have inspected the site and have determined the road is safe for travel,” wrote the provincial ministry in an email to Ha-Shilth-Sa. “However, the ministry has posted rockfall hazard signs to alert drivers to the potential of rock debris on the highway in this area.”

As heavy rain continues to batter the region, some work might be needed to prevent more debris from falling onto the highway.

“The ministry is awaiting recommendations from its geotechnical engineers as to whether additional preventative slope stabilization work may be necessary to prevent future rockfall at this site,” added the Ministry of Transport.

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